The Al Platt Platform

Access to Affordable Healthcare

Al will vote to expand Medicaid, which will immediately provide affordable health care coverage to thousands of our neighbors right here in Western NC, and return tax dollars back to NC that we’ve already sent to the federal government. This funding will be a lifeline to thousands of working families and help our rural hospitals survive.

He’ll advocate to lower the cost of prescription drugs and make sure nobody goes bankrupt because they’re sick.

Stronger Rural Economies + Better Jobs

Al has spent his career building businesses right here in Western NC, and bringing up other businesses in the area with him. He has directly and indirectly created hundreds of jobs across Western NC – primarily right here in Jackson, Swain and Transylvania counties. He will use his practical business experience to seek solutions that bring higher-paying jobs to Western NC.

Throughout his career, Al has served in various leadership roles across the business and economic development community, from the local Chamber of Commerce, to municipal planning boards, and educational institutions and nonprofit boards. In 2019, he was recognized as a Main Street Champion for contributions to our community.

Push for Fairer Taxes

Al will never support adding burdensome taxes on working class people and will work to hold businesses, especially large corporations that pay low wages, making them accountable for paying their fair share.

Access to Affordable Housing

Al will work to improve access to affordable, safe, sustainable housing for all working people by increasing investment in state housing funds (such as the NC Housing Finance Agency), working to reduce the impact of sometimes important short-term rental (AirBnB/VRBO) properties, incentivizing creative housing solutions and land use practices, tiny houses, and incentivizing development whenever not disruptive to our natural environment.

Improve Public Education

Al will work to invest in our public education system, from improving school buildings and modernizing technology, to retaining the best teachers and administrators.

Teachers, along with every one of our schools’ instructional and support staff, are essential to any successful community and deserve to be respected and compensated for what they do every day. Working together, we can bring these extraordinary men and women and the parents and families of our children together in the common goal of preparing the young adults who are our future.

Everyone says, “Our children are our future.” How about we make them our present? No student should lose their opportunity to play sports, join a club, or experience the arts because of funding. No teacher should be paying for their own supplies. We can and must do better for our students.

High-Speed Internet for All

Al will work to increase funding for infrastructure which is crucial to affordable, high-speed internet access. Once we have the cable in the ground, promoting competitiveness in the marketplace will help continue improvements. We can bring fast, reliable, and affordable internet to everyone – no matter where you live.

In today’s society, so much of our lives rely on Internet access, everything from visiting the doctor, to virtual learning at school, or communicating with relatives that live far away. It’s time we provided affordable, high-speed Internet to all who want it.

Respect Local Authority

Al will always seek input from constituents, stakeholders, local elected officials and community leaders. From City, Town or Tribal Councils, to local Sheriffs, and County Commissioners, Al will never overstep local authority to push a political agenda.

Environmental Protection

Al recognizes that climate change is a crucial issue that is affecting folks right here in Western NC on a daily basis.

We’re seeing continued record flooding and unless we take action it’s only going to get worse. Investing in flood resilience infrastructure is crucial, but we must do more. We have to reduce our overall emissions and invest in green energy infrastructure.

Our environment is precious and helps make Western NC unique. We rely on it, to live, work, and play. It supports our local economy, thousands of jobs and ensures we have clean air and water – we must work to protect it.

Parks, Public Lands, Hunting & Fishing

As a hunter and fisher, Al knows how important this sport and tradition is to folks here in Western NC. Public lands are crucial to protecting our natural landscapes and environment, as well as our local economy. Al will always support parks, game lands, and your right to hunt and fish these mountains.