Meet Al Platt

Al Platt is a community and business leader who has spent his career preserving and enriching Western NC. An architect by trade, Al has been a business owner in Brevard for 40 years, employing hundreds directly and indirectly creating hundreds of additional jobs across Western North Carolina.

Al is running for the NC House to bring a common-sense approach to governing, focusing on the needs of working families – seeking cooperation, bipartisanship, and civility in politics. He will work with any member, no matter their party, to make progress for the people in North Carolina.

Al is deeply involved in our community and shows his care for the health, well-being, and prosperity of our home through both his career of civic service and his commitment to conserving our mountains. He has previously served in leadership roles with the Chamber of Commerce, the Transylvania Economic Alliance, the Transylvania County Planning Board, and has served on the Brevard College Board of Trustees since 1996. In 2019, Al was recognized as an NC Main Street Champion for his contributions to our community.

Al is an avid outdoorsman and community volunteer. He enjoys fishing and spending time with his three grandsons. He is involved in many charities and community organizations. Al is grateful to be surrounded by family, all here in Western NC. His children – Maggie, a special education teacher; Woody, a Grammy-winning bluegrass artist; and Parker, architect and leader of the family business – and their families live in Transylvania county.